Wally Knott on saw and his partner Red Meyers at Meades Creek Oct. 1945 by W.H.Gold PhotoMOFM Logo  

BCFP Logging Camps (Circa 1975)

This map shows logging operations, mills and other various operations run by British Columbia Forest Products Limited in 1975. You may place the mouse over any of the numbered locations to see the name of it. Locations 3,31 & 34 are all Cowichan Valley locations and may be clicked on for a further description.

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Koksilah Renfrew Cowichan/Nitnat Parksville Barkley Clayoquot Mooyah Bay Nekite Warner Bay Wakeman Knight Inlet Tom Brown Lake Phillips Arm Southgate Seshal Creek Hunaechin Malibu Narrows Inlet Coquitlam Pitt Lake Stave Lake Port Douglas Silver River American Creek Boston Bar Boston Bar Mill McKenzie McKenzie Mills Hammond Victoria Youbou Mills Tilbury Delta Plywood Crofton Mill Swiftsure Towing Stuart Channel Wharves Muir Creek Logging Company Pinette & Therrien Mills Pinette & Therrien Mills