Wally Knott on saw and his partner Red Meyers at Meades Creek Oct. 1945 by W.H.Gold PhotoMOFM Logo
Caycuse (Camp 6)

Caycuse is native for "scraping the barnacles off the bottom of the canoe", and is located approximately 20 km outside of Lake Cowichan on the south shore. Originally a float camp, Caycuse was an isolated logging camp across the lake from Youbou. It was owned by the Empire Lumber Company around 1910, and then Gilson & McCoy took over the operation and moved it to its present location at Nixon Creek about 1926. It closed from 1931 to 1933 due to the Depression, but re-opened under new ownership Industrial Timber Mills. In 1946, BC Forest Products took over from ITM. At its peak, in the early 1950's, an estimated 1000 loggers and their families lived at the camp. Fletcher Challenge Canada acquired the operation in 1988 and closed the camp in 1992.


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Caycuse Kitchen Caycuse Memorial Modern 2 man bunkhouse 1 200ft Flag Pole Cub Scouts visiting Camp 6 from Victoria Ernie Whiskin First Steam Shovel at Camp 6
Caycuse Kitchen Caycuse Memorial Modern Bunkhouse Log Dump 09 200ft Flag Pole Cub Scouts Ernie Whiskin Steam Shovel
Float Camp 6 Gas Loader 1954 Kobie Tug Boat Old meets new July 1954 Last train load dumped at Caycuse June 1954 Reload at Caycuse 1 Reload at Caycuse 2 Road comes to Caycuse
Float Camp Gas Loader Kobie Tug Boat Old Meets New Last Log Dump Reload at Caycuse Reload at Caycuse Road Opens
Rob Norman at the Caycuse Firehall 2009 Safety Award 1950's Skidder Crew 1936 Speeder at Camp 6 driven by Roy Coburn Spruce Raft Hauling Heavy freight from Shaw Creek to Camp 6 Timberwest Campsite near Caycuse Timberwest Outhouse Timberwest Campsite Lake side
Caycuse Firehall Safety Award Skidder Crew Roy Coburn Spruce Raft Campsite Campsite Campsite
Timberwest Campsite Train on spruce raft Ploughing Snow Shoveling free the train Youbou lookout of Cottonwood Valley Youbou lookout of Cottonwood Valley Gas Skidder Wardroper Valley 1940s Wood Spar 1960s
Campsite Spruce Raft Ploughing Snow Shoveling Through Youbou Lookout Youbou Lookout Gas Skidder Wood Spar 1960s
Wardroper Creek 1941 Reload Reload Reload Reload Rigging Train Wreck Fishing with Strawline Caycuse 1950`s
Wardroper Creek Reload Reload Reload Reload Rigging Train Wreck Fishing
Caycuse 1950`s
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