Wally Knott on saw and his partner Red Meyers at Meades Creek Oct. 1945 by W.H.Gold PhotoMOFM Logo
Hillcrest Lumber Co.

Carlton Stone, born 1877 in England, immigrated to Canada 1908, and to Vancouver Island in 1910. Built a small steam powered mill near Fairbridge. In 1917 he moved operations to Sahtlam, which gave access to railway transportation (E&N) and a worldwide market. He designed a gas-powered form of truck to be used on the rails instead of the steam locie. Within 10 years he owned one of the largest companies on Vancouver Island, employing 225 men in the mill and 100 in the woods. The timber ran out and Carlton was forced to move the operations to Mesachie Lake. The mill, built at Mesachie Lake in 1942, had 400 employees. Its steel chimney, installed in a single piece, measured 47 metres (154 feet) in height. In 1968, the depletion of timber stocks caused the mill to close, and its machinery was sold off.


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Hillcrest New 'Side One' Swede Mill in June 1940 Carlton Stone Cat Logging at Hillcrest Hillcrest Cold Deck Crew Hillcrest Log Dump Mesachie Lake Mill Jack Strougler, Hillcrest
Side One Swede Mill Carlton Stone Cat Logging Cold Deck Log Dump Mesachie Lake Jack Strougler
Mesachie Lake 1944 Hillcrest filing room 1940.  From left, Ed Portelance, Johnny Cuillet, and Leo Portelance Flood at Hilcrest Hillcrest Hayday George Smart & Rigging Crew Hillcrest Fallers Hillcrest Loci Company Truck 1950's
Mesachie 1944 Filing Room Flood Hayday Rigging Crew Fallers Hillcrest Loci Company Truck
Mesachie Lake Sign Mesachie Lake 1940 Mesachie 1968 Wallsafe John Davis and Earl Belcher 1959 Hillcrest & Area Mesachie Mountain 1959 Mill Pond
HLCo. Sign Mesachie 1940 Mesachie 1968 Wallsafe Davis & Belcher Aerial View Mesachie 1959 Mill Pond
Mill Site No. 2 and Bill Crawford 1941 Mesachie Lake Community Hall 1948 Hillcrest Sahtlam 1936 Planer Mill Hillcrest Sahtlam 1933 by W.H. Gold Last log cut at Hillcrest, Jack Millar Berry's Store at Mesachie Lake Hillcrest
Mill Site Bill Crawford Mesachie Hall Sahtlam 1936 Planer Mill Sahtlam 1933 Jack Millar Berry's Store
Charlie & Dorothy Monti 25th Anniversary 1956 Charlie Monti and his favorite dishwasher Charlie Monti Hard at Work Charlie Monti Cookhouse at Mesachie Lake First Xmas dinner at Hillcrest 1948 Flunkies Bunkhouse at Mesachie Lake Stan cooking & Charlie cleaning
25th Anniversary Favorite Dishwasher Working Hard Charlie Monti Cookhouse Xmas Dinner Bukhouse Stan & Charlie
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