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Many Flowers
by Allan E. Lundgren

Many Flowers by Allan Lundgren

This book was written as a tribute to the author’s father, Henry Lundgren, who passed away in March of 1978.  Henry, whose parents had immigrated from Sweden, had been a logging pioneer, as well as one of the early union activists who helped to establish the IWA.  As Al writes in the introduction of his book, “and yet, perhaps a fitting tribute to the man who was my friend, father, and falling partner.  He wanted desperately to record his experiences and was denied at the end.  Perhaps this would be a method of offering some closure to his dream.”

In his book, Al shares some of the early beginnings of the Lundgren family; particularly of his father Henry who grew up on an Alberta farm, and eventually moved out to the B.C. coast to break in as a faller. Henry then went on to become a union activist, and experienced persecution for his support of the union movement.  However, due to his (and many others) persistence, the Lumber Workers Industrial Union was formed which eventually became the International Woodworkers of America (IWA).

In his later years, Henry was to become deeply involved in community affairs in Lake Cowichan.  He worked on committees to develop the community centre, ice hockey rink, curling, and a number of the parks within the town.

Throughout the rest of the book, Al describes his personal experiences as both a logger and faller, along with his many years of working as a safety advocate for the IWA union. This education was to prepare him for his eventual involvement on the development of a number of provincial safety training standards for the forest industry.

As you read, you will often laugh out loud at Al’s descriptions of his personal experiences in the woods.  You will also be deeply moved at times.  Above all, you will be inspired by his account of the way things used to be in the forest industry, and challenged to help restore it to its original grandeur.


Many Flowers is published as a limited edition for $30.00 per copy plus shipping. For further details contact: a.l.lundgren@shaw.ca