Wally Knott on saw and his partner Red Meyers at Meades Creek Oct. 1945 by W.H.Gold PhotoMOFM Logo  
Maps Of The Cowichan Valley

Below you will find an array of maps of the Cowichan Valley.  They will help you get a sense of the areas that are being talked about in the stories.  As you look at these maps, you will be sure to find something new and exciting!

To access these maps, just click on the picture.  Most of the maps will open up as part of this website, and can be navigated within the website.  Others will open in a separate window, and therefore you will need to close the window in order to access the Mosaic of Forestry Memories website again.

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Cowichan Lake District
South Eastern Vancouver Island
Cowichan Lake
Paldi & Sahtlam
Mayo & Hillcrest
Mesachie Lake
South Island
Logging and Mills
Cowichan Lake
Satellite Topography
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Cowichan Lake District
BCFP 1975
Youbou Yard Plan
Cowichan Lake Research Station
Forest Lands
Cowichan Valley
Youbou Mill
Then & Now