Wally Knott on saw and his partner Red Meyers at Meades Creek Oct. 1945 by W.H.Gold PhotoMOFM Logo
Nitnat (Camp 3)

Camp 3 was situated at the head of Lake Cowichan towards the Nitinat Valley. It was originally called Kissenger Camp in the 1920's, but was taken over by Industrial Timber Mills(ITM). It closed in 1931 due to the Depression. In 1936, the business was bought by International Timber Mills and reopened, with more than 200 men working and living there. In or around 1947, British Columbia Forest Products (BCFP) was formed out of ITM. In the 1950’s, Crown Zellerbach bought the Camp 3 holdings from BCFP. Camp 3 closed down in the early 1980's and later became a campsite. Crown Zellerbach became Crown Forest. Around 1989, all of the Crown Forest and BCFP holdings, which included all logging locations, sawmills, and pulp mills within Canada were bought up by the New Zealand outfit Fletcher Challenge (Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd.).


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4 Spot Shay 4 Spot Shay BCFP Speeder Big One Big One Black Maria loading railcars Nitnat 1953 Black Maria also known as a Cherry Picker Camp 3 Arial
4 Spot Shay 4 Spot Shay BCFP Speeder Big One Big One Black Maria Black Maria Camp 3 Arial
A look at Camp from Kissinger Lake Nitnat Camp 3 Jim Paton & Friend Loci & Skeleton Car Loci & Skeleton Car Log Dump at Shaw Creek 1939 Unloading building supplies from Youbou Nitnat Camp 3
Kissinger Lake Nitnat Jim Paton & Friend Loci with load Loci with load Log Dump Building Supplies Nitnat (Camp 3)
Nitnat birds eye view Nitnat Bunkhouses Camp 3 Dining Hall Camp Kitchen Nitnat Kitchen Dining Hall 1952 Nitnat & Kissinger Lake lost to time Nitnat
Birds Eye View Bunkhouses Dining Hall Camp Kitchen Hot Cakes Dining Spread Lost to Time Nitnat
Nitnat Log Dump at Cowichan Lake Nitnat & Kissinger Lake No trace left of Nitnat Ploughing from Nitnat to Youbou Speed 106 from Youbou bringing supplies Speeder 126 in Camp 3 Another Speeder Steam Skidder Steam Yarded Cold Deck Pile
Log Dump No Trace Left Plowing Through Bringing Supplies Speeder 126 Speeder Steam Skidder Cold Deck Pile
Steel Spar built in camp 3 and crummy 1950's Pete Johnson & Tame Camp Deer Feeding the Camp Deer Josephine Paton (Centre Left), Frankie Tate (Centre Right), & Yvonne Downtown train Camp 3 SkiddDowntown train Camp 3 Mike Paton's dog and a view of Camp 3 Industrial Section Willamette Steam Skidder
Steel Spar Tame Deer Tame Deer The Ladies Downtown Train Downtown Train Good Boy Willamette Skidder
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