Wally Knott on saw and his partner Red Meyers at Meades Creek Oct. 1945 by W.H.Gold PhotoMOFM Logo
Paldi Remembered

By Joan Mayo

Paldi Remembered by Joan Mayo

Paldi Remembered is a collection of stories and pictures that give tribute to a once bustling lumber mill and village on Vancouver Island.  The author, Joan Mayo, is the daughter-in-law of the founder of Paldi, Mayo Singh. 

Mayo Singh came from India to San Francisco in 1906.  He eventually located to Canada, working for CPR and various sawmills in B.C., before he moved to Vancouver Island.  Along with some other partners from India, Mayo founded the multi-ethnic village of Paldi; which included East Indians, Chinese, Japanese, as well as Caucasians.  The lumber mill operated from 1917 to 1945, and then the village continued for another twenty-five years or so.  Today, all that remains is the old water tower and the Sikh Temple.

Through stories and pictures, Joan gives a personal glimpse into the lives of the Mayo family, as well as the other interesting individuals who made up the village of Paldi.  You will enjoy reading this inspiring book!